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HOP connectors is optical fiber and power cable mixed used in optical fiber and the power cord。Conventional connector is especially suitable for conventional cable connection。Columns such as conventional cable:cable consists of up to two copper wires and a four core fiber cable in a corrugated ½ inch aluminum armor coated by a UV resistant PE jacket,This kind of cable connector。HOP connector and the cable components mainly used in optical fiber is more application of mobile communication base station.

Materials and finish :

Body : brass, copper-tin-zinc plating

Retainer ring : phosphor bronze

Contact : brass, gold over nickel plating

Insulator : PBT

Technical specifications:

Rated voltage            75V            
Proof voltage            1000V            
Insulation resistance  ≥2000MΩ            
Contact resistance≤ 10MΩ            
Current rating            ≤ 25A            
Normal value            (20-28)N.M            
Enduring torque            (25-30)N.M            
Cable pulling            250N            
Resilient contacts 1-5N            
Mating cycles            500cycles            
Operating temperature-40  ℃  - 105  ℃            
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