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Seriers TNC RF. Coaxial connectors are one kind of middle-power connectors which developed according to MIL-C-39012, with screw-coupling mechanism, which have the advantages of vibration-proof, high reliability, superior machanical and electrial perfomances, etc. They are widely used to connect the RF. Coaxial cables in radio equipment and instruments. They can be interchangeable with the same-type of abroad.

 Features:Threaded coupling interface ensure connector will not decouple in vibration-intensive applications. TNC series has wonderfully waterproof performance. The connectors of TNC seriescan be used up to a frequency of 11GHZ.

Technical specifications:

  Electrical Characteristics                        
  Impedance                          50Ω                        
  Frequency range                          11GHz                        
  VSWR-Value                          straight≤1.3 right angle≤1.35                        
  Insertion Loss                          ≤0.18dB 9GHz                        
  Proof Voltage (depending on cable type)                          750V/50Hz                        
  Insulation Resistance                          ≥5GΩ                        
  Contact Resistance                          Center Contact                          ≤1.5MΩ                        
  Outer Contact                          ≤1MΩ                        
  Mechanical Characteristics                        
  Coupling nut torque                          46Ncm--69Ncm                        
  Coupling nut retention force                          ≥450N                        
  Mating Cycles                          ≥500cycles                        
  Working Temperature Range                          -65℃ up to +165℃                        
  Relative Humidity                          MIL-STD-202                        
  Vibration                          MIL-STD-202                        
  Corrosion                          MIL-STD-202                        
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