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Series BNC RF. Coaxial connectors, Which have the bayonet stuctue coupling mating and developed according to MIL-C-39023/16-24, They can be interchangeable with the same-type connectors of abroad, engaged and desengaged rapidly, used to connect coxial cables in radio equipment and instruments. They accord with the Q/MB406-87 spefifications.

Features:Bayonet couping mechanism provides quick mating and unmating. 5.0 and 75 Ohm impedance designs allow customer to match impedance to system requirements.5.0 and 75 Ohm connectors are intermateable to ensure nondestructive mating.

Technical specifications:

  Electrical Characteristics
  Impedance  50Ω
  Frequency range  4GHz
  VSWR-Value  ≤1.3
  Insertion Loss  ≤0.2dB 3GHz
  Proof Voltage (depending on cable type)  750V/50Hz
  Insulation Resistance  ≥5GΩ
  Contact Resistance  Center Contact  1.5MΩ
  Outer Contact  0.2MΩ
  Mechanical Characteristics
  Coupling nut torque  7Ncm--28Ncm
  Coupling nut retention force  ≥450N
  Mating Cycles  ≥500cycles
  Working Temperature Range  -65℃ up to +165℃
  Relative Humidity  MIL-STD-202
  Vibration  MIL-STD-202
  Corrosion  MIL-STD-202
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