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Series SMA connectors are most commonly used, It have the advantages of miniature size, wide frequency range, excellent eletrical performances and high reliability. The products have been widely used in the field of micro-wave communication,specefight and navigation, weapon system and micro-wave measuring equipment.
Features:Broadband performance DC to 18 GHZ with low reflection construction with 1/4-36 threaded coupling offers high performance in a compact design. Low cost Commercial Grede available in nickel or gold plating, It provides approximately 30% reduction in cost with 250 mating cycles. The various flexible cable groups in their design with a durable connector. 

Technical specifications:

 Electrical Characteristics            
 Impedance             50Ω            
 Frequency range             软电缆 12.4GHz/半刚电缆18GHz            
 VSWR-Value             1.15+0.02f(GHz) For RG316/U            
 1.06+0.01f(GHz) For RG405/U            
 Insertion Loss             0.030×√f(GHz)            
 Proof Voltage (depending on cable type)             500V/50Hz For RG58U,375V/50Hz For RG316/U            
 Insulation Resistance            ≥5000MΩ  
 Contact Resistance             Center Contact             ≤3MΩ            
 Outer Contact             ≤2.5MΩ            
 Mechanical Characteristics            
 Latch retention force             ≥300N            
 Mating Cycles             ≥500cycles            
 Working Temperature Range             -55℃ up to +165℃            
 Relative Humidity             MIL-STD-202            
 Vibration             MIL-STD-202            
 Corrosion             MIL-STD-202            
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