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The mini-DIN connectors are a family of multi-pin electrical connectors used in a variety of applications. Mini-DIN is   similar to the larger, older DIN connector. Both are standards of the Deutsches Institut für Normung, the German standards body.Mini-DIN connectors are 9.5 mm in diameter and come in seven patterns, with the number of pins from three to nine. Each pattern is keyed in such a way that a plug with one pattern cannot be mated with any socket of another pattern. An important aspect of why each of these 7 mini-DIN connectors are official standards is because they are each drastically different from the other, with no simultaneously and directly overlapping similarities in (1) pin arrangement, (2) square key size and position, (3) circular shielding metal skirt notches & metallic additions - unlike the nonstandard mini-DIN connectors which may have directly overlapping characteristics to each other or to the standard mini-DIN connectors.

Technical specifications:

 Impedance             50Ω            
 Frequency range             DC    0GHz/10GHz            
 VSWR-Value             straight   ≤1.04 1GHz            
 Insertion loss             0.030×√f(GHz)straight   ≤0.05dB            
 MD             ≤ -165dBC   2X43dBm            
 Withstand Voltage (depending on cable type)              ≤3KV rms / 50 Hz            
 Operation Voltage (depending on cable type)             ≤500V rms / 50 Hz            
 Power handling             1000 W @ 2 GHz            
 Insulation Resistance             ≥ 1 GΩ            
 Contact Resistance             ≤0.4mΩ            
 Center Contact retention force             ≥1N            
 Engagement force             ≤30N            
 Latch retention force             ≥1000N            
 Cable retention force             ≥500N            
 Mating Cycles             ≥500cycles            
 Working Temperature Range             -65°C(-85°F)~165°C(329°F)            
 Relative Humidity             MIL-STD-202            
 Test Category            
 Vibration             MIL-STD-202            
 Corrosion             MIL-STD-202            
 Housing             Brass            
 Center pin             Brass            
 Center Contact             Be Cu            
 Crimp Ferrule             Cu            
 Spring latch             STS            
 Other Metal Parts             Brass            
 Insulator             PTFE            
 Housing             Ag/TRI/RISP            
 Center Contact             Ag            
 Spring Loaded Contacts             Ag/TRI/RISP            
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