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 Series L29 RF coaxiall connectors are one kind of large screw -coupling RF coaxial connectors which developed accoording to the specification of IEC169,CECC 222230 and DIN47223. The characteristics are tightness, stablilization, less wastage and high voltage rating etc. They are water-proof for high energy transfers out-of -doors.They are mostly used in communication systems and radio transceivers.

Features:low IMD and low VSWR provides improved system performance. Preassembled gasket protects aganist dust and water. Limited internal junctions reduces sources of IMD. Silver plated contacts and plated bodies deliver a high conductivity and corrosion resistance for a long ,trouble free life. Easy-Hex coupling nut allows tightening by hand or with a standard wrench for ease of mating 

Technical specifications:

  Electrical Characteristics            
  Impedance              50Ω            
  Frequency range              DC 0GHz/6GHz            
  VSWR-Value              straight 1.04 at1GHz            
  Insertion Loss              straight≤0.05dB raight angel≤0.2dB            
  Proof Voltage (depending on cable type)              ≤4KV rms/50HZ            
  Working Voltage(depending on cable type)              ≤2.7V rms/50HZ            
  Insulation Resistance              ≥1GΩ            
  Contact Resistance              Center Contact              ≤0.4MΩ            
  Outer Contact              ≤1.5MΩ            
  Mechanical Characteristics            
  Center Contact retention force              6N            
  Latch retention force              220-250N/m            
  Cable retention force              ≥500N            
  Mating Cycles              ≥500cycles            
  Working Temperature Range              -65℃ up to +165℃            
  Relative Humidity              MIL-STD-202            
  Vibration              MIL-STD-202            
  Corrosion              MIL-STD-202            
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